Business Travel Insurance

Protect your employees on their business travels

  • Protect the personal safety of your employees
  • Cover for loss, theft, medical costs and cancellations
  • Peace of mind so they can get on with the job

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What is Business Travel Insurance?

Business Travel Insurance offers cover that protects the personal safety of your employees and other essentials such as delays, cancellation, losses of equipment and money etc. when travelling overseas.

It is used by businesses that regularly send their employees abroad on behalf of their company.

Taking out one of these policies provides you with a simple, easy way of covering the personal safety of a number of your people for either single or multi trips.

A business travel policy should not be confused with an international health insurance policy. There are vast differences between the two however to look at it simply, International cover is a lot more like Private Medical Insurance, whereas Business Travel covers employees whilst travelling abroad.

Regarding members needing to take a medical – this depends on your insurer. Some offer a medical history disregarded policy which means existing medical conditions are not taken into account. Some providers cover this on a fit to travel basis, so pre-existing conditions can be covered as long as the member is fit to travel, but excludes any person who is awaiting diagnosis.

Usually a minimum of 2 members are needed to set up a scheme.

What does it cover?

Regarding coverage, you cannot get specific cover for one country. There are 4 areas which countries fall into which are: Europe, USA, Middle East and Australasia, alternatively you can obtain Worldwide cover. So if you wanted to be covered for travel to Portugal you would fall under the category of Europe, this then means you are able to travel to any other country in Europe.

The number of days and length of time employees would be covered differs depending on the insurer but can be anything up to a maximum of 6 months in any given policy year.

As a business policy it is possible to add family cover as well and this is something you can offer to add on for your employees for a slightly higher premium. This is a valued staff benefit as it can be used for personal travel throughout the whole period of cover.

How can it help your business?

Group Travel Insurance provides suitable protection for your workforce when traveling abroad. Travel insurance is always recommended, and protecting your employees with a suitable travel insurance product is critical. It provides a valuable benefit to the peace of mind and sense of well being to the employee who is representing your business interests during overseas business trips.

The last thing you want is for them to worry about something happening, or if indeed something does, how would they cope without the suitable cover in place that should have been provided for by the company? It could potentially cost you even more, if costs that would be normally covered by travel insurance would be incurred.

Ultimately the safety and well being of your workforce helps ensure that the business runs smoothly and that efficiency and productivity is effected as little as possible.

How can Lifepoint help you

We are also Group Travel Specialists, with access to an excellent Group Travel Insurance proposition, and are uniquely positioned in the market to provide you with a comprehensive Business Insurance offering.

We are whole of market brokers who work on your behalf with your benefit in mind when choosing the correct policy. This means we don’t work for just one insurer and have a large choice of products to choose from, with access to main insurers specialising in Group Travel.

Every client has different and diverse needs and each case needs to be managed uniquely and appropriately.

Our specialists are fully knowledgeable, compliant and continuously updated and educated on each of the products we advise on. Making sure we are best suited to advise you correctly.

Our excellent relationships with the insurers, underwriters and processing teams allow us to facilitate a smooth, professional service, and guide you through the entire process of taking out a suitable business protection package to your absolute satisfaction.

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