Business Health Insurance

Protecting Your Employees Health

  • Get Rapid access to Private Healthcare Specialists
  • Give your employees peace of mind they are covered
  • Private medical facilites and treatment costs covered

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What is business health insurance?

Business Health Insurance protects the health of a company’s directors and employees.

It provides a company’s staff access to rapid private healthcare in the event of an acute medical situation and it allows an employee to avoid the NHS waiting line so that they can recover more quickly and get back to work, ensuring that the smooth functioning of the business is not affected.

Members of a company healthcare scheme can enjoy the benefits of being treated at a facility and specialist of their choice at a time of their choosing, boosting recovery times and chances of getting through a situation with as little stress as possible. Enjoying the benefit of a private room with ensuite facilities and personalised care can be a real game changer in terms of the experience of the illness

Groups can have different sizes ranging from one to many thousands of people, with different products available for varying sizes.

What does it cover?

Company Medical Insurance like its individual medical insurance counterpart consists of different elements. 

Benefits are normally split into three levels of cover, Basis, Mid-Range and Comprehensive. Each offers a different level of protection.

Basic Cover

Normally consists of Inpatient and Day Patient treatment, covering hospital stays, diagnostic tests and operations.

Mid-Range Policies

Provide a more cover to comprehensive policies, with the exception of certain benefits. One difference of note is that there is usually a limit on Outpatient Cover it provides.

Comprehensive Policies

Provide the comprehensive level of cover available, with no limits applies to the Outpatient Cover as well as depending on the particular products no limits to the other elements. It may also provide added benefits such as the Full London Hospital listing, travel insurance, comprehensive cancer and psychiatric cover, complementary and alternative therapies, dental and optical benefits and health screenings.

Sometime, there are varying levels of cover provided depending on the position of the employee within the organisation, with more limited cover for the regular staff and enhanced benefits provided to the managers and directors.

A policy may also have other options such as

  • Outpatient Cover
  • Therapies
  • Mental Health
  • Psychiatric
  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Heart
  • Cancer Cover

Depending on the policy, there may be added benefit options like Travel cover and Extra Care Benefits.

How it can help your business?

Business health insurance can help your business by providing rapid healthcare to those who work or are involved in the company, ensuring that in the event of an acute medical situation, the best chance of recovery is given.

Health Insurance is a highly valued employee benefit, significantly increasing the appeal of your company to the kind of employees you want to attract and retain. It increases the feel-good factor in other ways; it lets your staff know that they are valued, cared for, and can rest assured that if they become ill, they will receive the best of care. It can help reduce absenteeism and promote productivity.

The importance of having a healthy workforce cannot be underestimated, and getting rapid diagnosis, treatment and care for a company’s workforce and getting them back to work is crucial.

It benefits both the employer and company through increased productivity and growth of the business, and it benefits the employee and their family providing a truly valuable benefit that can even save lives.

How can lifepoint help you?

We are Business Health Insurance Specialists uniquely positioned in the market to provide you with a comprehensive medical insurance offering. We are independent whole of market advisers who work on your behalf with your benefit in mind when choosing the correct policy. This means we don’t work for just one insurer and have a large choice of products to choose from. With access to all the main insurers, including Bupa, Axa, Aviva and Vitality, each with a variety of products, and options available. Every client has different and diverse needs and each case needs to be managed uniquely and appropriately.

Our specialists are fully knowledgeable, compliant and continuously updated and educated on each of the products we advise on. Making sure we are best suited to advise you correctly.

Our excellent relationships with the insurers, underwriters and processing teams allow us to facilitate a smooth, professional service, and guide you through the entire process of taking out a Private Medical Insurance Policy to your absolute satisfaction.

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