Business Health Cash Plans

Cover for everyday healthcare costs

  • Provide your employees extra value and benefit
  • Give them the cover for every day healthcare costs
  • Generate goodwill, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity

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What is a company health cashplan?

A Company health cash plan is there to help your employees with everyday health costs that are paid for directly to the provider. It is a type of insurance policy paid for by the Company for the benefit of the members of the scheme that allows you to claim back the cost of treatments, such as optical tests, dental treatment and physiotherapy. You pay a monthly premium, ranging from as little as £5 a month to £65 + depending on the options and benefit level available. The plan lets you claim all or a proportion of the money back.

An example of this is if you need a new pair of glasses costing £250, you can send the receipt to your insurer. The cash plan provider will then refund you an amount depending on your policy. Sometimes this can be 100% of the cost, other times it may be 50-75% depending on the provider.
We look after our health in a variety of ways, not all of them at the GP surgery or in the consultant’s room at the hospital. We have opticians and dentists, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

For most of these essential health services, we pay the care provider directly. If we are making regular appointments to keep healthy, the costs can mount up.

Company Health Cash Plans are a highly effective way to reduce these costs by a significant amount. They are extremely affordable, easily accessible, and can pay for themselves several times over in a single policy year.

What does it cover?

Depending on the plan there are a host of other benefits available including benefits for NHS prescriptions.

Put simply your employees will benefit greatly from a Health Cash Plan.

Business cash plans can go hand in hand with a Company Private Medical Insurance policy and are natural partners in providing and protecting your workforce’s healthcare needs.

A business cashplan can cover the following:

  • Dental Benefits
  • Optical Benefits
  • Osteopathy, chiropody, physiotherapy, and some complementary therapies.
  • Cash Payouts for Maternity, Recuperation, Inpatient & day patient surgery.
  • Specialist Consultations
  • Homeopathy
  • Home Care
  • Health Screenings

How can it help your business?

The benefits of a business health cash plan can be substantial. Not only can it be an additional staff benefit to help recruit and retain employees, but it will help keep your employees happier, feel cared for, keep them in better health and may help reduce the impact of long-term absenteeism.

A company health cash plan provides a provision for your employees to spread the cost of some of their everyday health expenses, for a regular monthly premium. In return, they can claim money back on many common health expenses including dental, optical and prescription charges, all up to specified limits. Members will not need pre-authorisation or need to undertake a medical, and in many cases pre-existing conditions will be covered. They also cover some costs for consultations and diagnostics, and give employees access to telephone counselling for advice on work and lifestyle issues. Sometimes, that little extra support can be invaluable.

How can lifepoint help you?

We are Employee Benefits Specialists uniquely positioned in the market to provide you with a comprehensive Business Insurance offering.

We are whole of market brokers who work on your behalf with your benefit in mind when choosing the correct policy. This means we don’t work for just one insurer and have a large choice of products to choose from, with access to all main insurers specialising in Business Health Cash Plans. Every client has different and diverse needs and each case needs to be managed uniquely and appropriately.

Our specialists are fully knowledgeable, compliant and continuously updated and educated on each of the products we advise on. Making sure we are best suited to advise you correctly.

Our excellent relationships with the insurers, underwriters and processing teams allow us to facilitate a smooth, professional service, and guide you through the entire process of taking out a suitable business protection package to your absolute satisfaction.

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