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Family Protection Insurance serves to protect you or your family against the impact of unexpected life events which can prove to be costly. These can include accidents, illness, unemployment and death. Bearing in mind the state benefits system will not provide substantial help, it bears thinking about how you will cover the shortfalls.

We cannot know what lies in store for us and our families so the least we can do is make sure we plan for the unexpected, and protect what is most important to us with the right policies, at the right level, at the right premiums.

There are different kinds of family protection insurance. These include Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Critical Illness and Serious Illness Cover, Family Income Benefit and Income Protection. In the best scenario, we should all have savings put aside to cover all eventualities, however, sometimes this is just not possible, especially to cover the larger amounts. This is where protection insurance can help you. There are a wide variety of different products within each type of protection insurance. Each will cover different events with varying levels of cover for different situations.

An example is Life Insurance, whilst it will provide a lump sum if you die, pay off your mortgage or help with your inheritance tax bill, it will not cover you if you become unemployed or unable to work through accident or sickness. In this case, what would you do about your lost income? Your income provides for all yours and your family’s needs and without an income you and your family would almost certainly lose the lifestyle you now enjoy along with all that you have built up, including future plans. This may be where a critical illness or an income protection product would be able to help.

It is about truly looking at what your protection needs are, and finding the correct balance. Indeed, part of the process of looking at what you already have covered. For example, you may have Life insurance or Income protection through your employment, so may only look to supplement this by making up for a shortfall you think you may need.

For more information or to have your questions answered, please feel free to call us and speak to one of our protection experts.