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A little more about Lifepoint Healthcare

Lifepoint Healthcare is the London based Health & Protection Specialist Insurance intermediary. Our in depth knowledge and position in the market allows us to guide you through the insurance minefield. Our relationship with one of the largest healthcare specialists in the UK puts us in an excellent position to look after your health and wellbeing needs. Whatever they may be.

We look after a large and deeply satisfied client base, ranging from individuals to large business. From Health Insurance to Life Cover to Income Protection to Employee Benefits – we can help you.

We aren’t just experts in the Health and Protection Insurance sector. We, like you, are humans with real lives and families, and are acutely aware of the necessity to protect our health and finances, providing the correct protection for our loves ones.

We believe in the personal touch and building relationships, and have developed a process not only where we educate, inform, and help you purchase your insurance, but provide essential aftercare and servicing. At Lifepoint, we really care about you.

Lifepoint’s Process in 4 Simple Steps
  • A chat to understand your needs
    We start with a relaxed conversation & complete an information fact find, recording personal information, relevant medical history & current insurance details. We listen to what your insurance needs are, what you want us to do for you, how you want it done and any other preferences.

  • We research the market
    With the information provided, we complete a fair analysis of the market, researching the most suitable insurers and products based on your needs, medical history, preferences and budget, which we then put together in an easy to understand, bespoke quotes pack for you.

  • Help & Support
    We clearly show our findings, what the market is offering, explain the different options & show how our recommendation satisfies your requirements. We sort out any underwriting issues with the chosen insurer prior to application, and then help you to apply and buy your insurance.

  • You’re covered!
    Your application has been approved and terms confirmed by the insurer. You are now fully covered & have the peace of mind it brings. Our aftercare kicks in & we are always available to assist you with queries, problems, guidance, claims and premium payments. We are here to help you. Simple!

Meet the Founder

This guiding philosophy of Isaac Feiner, Founder and Director of Lifepoint Healthcare is what has allowed Lifepoint Healthcare to flourish into a successful insurance brokerage. Prior to launching Lifepoint, Isaac had years of experience within the Health and Protection Insurance sector managing his own large book of business, both Individual and Commercial, and as Associate Director of an award winning brokerage. This gave him the experience and expertise to truly understand what it is that clients need out of an insurance product and service.

Through rigorous analysis of insurance business models, Isaac created an easy process that ensures a simple yet effective client journey. He truly believes it is every person’s responsibility to put in place suitable protection to protect oneself, family and employees against the unexpected.

Whether it be an acute medical situation, loss of income or even death, Isaac’s fully compliant team of experts are there to assist and advise on a variety of insurance products.

After studying law abroad, with further law studies in the UK, he went on to work in various sectors, including the Personal Protective Equipment Sector and at a Podiatry & Biomechanical Footwear start up. Through a fortuitous meeting, he then moved forward into the Health and Protection Insurance sector.

He realised that advising and protecting people against the sadder things in life gave him a deep sense of purpose and responsibility. His own first-hand experience of using an insurance product came when his mother had a short, terminal battle with liver cancer.

His prior roles within the industry allowed him to build a considerable network of contacts, experience and a strong knowledge of what it takes to build an insurance brand that people trust deeply.

Isaac founded Lifepoint Healthcare with a very precise vision of creating a one stop shop for all your Health and Protection Insurance needs. He and his team have worked incredibly hard at creating a system, service and product offering that incorporates all the positive elements of a successful, insurance agency, with consistent development being a crucial key in driving the business forward for the benefit of the clients.

Isaac operates Lifepoint Healthcare from his offices in North London, with a supporting team of fully compliant professionals, specialists and advisors. He plans to grow Lifepoint Healthcare into the number one Health and Protection insurance consultancy in the country, protecting people one policy at a time.

He is married to his fantastic wife Debbie, who has supported him throughout his endeavours and together have a beautiful little boy called Sammy. In his spare time, he enjoys speech writing, drumming and spending time with his family and friends.

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